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You Gone Learn Today!

Well here we are just a few weeks into the semester and I'm already being pushed hard, but I'm loving the learning experience and the fact some of my classes are overlapping in the topics. Helps to hear different perspectives on audio and visual concepts. So what exactly did I learn?!

I successfully completed the Dante Level 1 Certification Course provided by, the designers of the Dante technology. I found this course super enlightening and a great refresher on audio and video and really brought some clarity on some subjects while also providing a lot of info that can be complex, but the instructor had a way of breaking it down really well. Also did it in my first try and I wasn't perfect but only missed a few questions.

I'd recommend any audio/video professional to take this course. I can see how beneficial it can be with how vast this technology is and how flexible, versatile and almost unlimited capability is truly amazing and had my attention the whole course! It may not be much, but I'm that much more qualified on the subject matter and that much closer to full certification.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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