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The Ultimate "How To Produce" Sound Pack

30 Drum Loops

38 One-Shots

15 Loop & Logic Pro X Project Templates w/ Midi Files included

Hundreds of Audio Loop Files

Music Theory Walkthroughs and Videos*


This is just the start of a beautiful journey brought to you by Ask About It Productions. We want to share not only our sounds but our knowledge with you. Everybody wants to be great, but greatness takes dedication and time. It's easy to want to get music done fast, but one day you will reach a limit, and you will hit that wall more often than not if you don't know the fundamentals of music creation.

Let us handle the hard work and help with making what seems impossible or dense at times, plain and simple. You will have these instructional tools and dope sounds for a lifetime, royalty-free.* This is what will make a difference in your musical development. Know your craft and you will know better. When you know better, it shows better!

Purchase HERE:

*Although royalty free, that does not mean you do not have to credit where credit is due. Please credit any and all uses under co-production by Ask About It Productions, to any non-commercial or commercial uses, displays, performances, radio, streaming, podcast, and any other digital medium. Creative Commons License readable link below.


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