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Dream Big or Don't Dream at All

How quickly things can turn is truly amazing in life. One day things are set, ready to go, but nonetheless there were hurdles put in my way for this project. I am able to get over some, but the one that takes the cake this week is my co-partner in crime, Corey, had what doctors believe was some type of seizure in his sleep and he dislocated his arm!

Greg Owens, the drummer that provided drum sounds and loops for this project, Corey and I were to meet this week to talk more about the contract and to sign a contract explaining the percentage split and how payment would go. Since that happened to Corey that fell through.

Turns out the drum fills that were corrupted can still be used! So I will add those on to the real deal holyfield, but no way I'll get it done for this project.

This project, as I was warned, was very ambitious. I wish this class was the whole semester so I could really have more time, but I got to cut things and take some losses, but at least I have a valuable idea to keep building upon that isn't too far away from being able to be sold!


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