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Fair is Fair!

So the next step in my process was figuring out how the paperwork would work out between myself, my business partner Corey Sheppard and Greg Owens, the drummer featured on the sound pack. Since sounds will be recorded by me and all musical ideas made to Greg's drums will be made and produced by both Corey and me, we all agree a three-way split is fair.

I found a website that let me draft up a contract with regards to who owns what, exactly how much, when the Client, us, would pay the Contractor, Greg, and how often, etc. Corey and I here at Ask About It Productions want to be a staple in making fair business decisions for the benefit of all parties involved. If this product is successful or unsuccessful, I want each party protected as well as each party fairly compensated for their work and effort.

I will also need to include some paperwork for the purchasers of this product. Athough they are royalty free sounds, that does not mean you do not have to credit Ask About It Productions as co-production on any commercial music made from this sound pack. I'm going to take a look at Creative Commons law and see if I need anything more than that to protect our intellectual properties. Business is business.


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