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What to do for my Senior Project?!

Well, it comes down to this final semester at Capital University. I desperately need to get into the habit of documenting what I do and when I do it. Who knows what I consider the average day could be a whole new world to someone who doesn't know the in's and out's of music education and composing music for the commercial music and sync licensing industry. Who knows what opportunities I'm missing out on by not displaying what I have learned. Well, my senior project calls upon me to do just that. Present what you have learned. Well...OK!

I originally had the idea of just doing an EP of a couple of bands I know, but that quickly fell through, and then I thought I could simply make some of my stuff that is digital and get it recorded acoustically. This is something I am somewhat familiar with.

Then it dawned on me...just while sitting in class hearing about plugins, EPs, and field recordings...what about a sound pack? One that contains acoustic instruments that I could process with effects to sound great and facilitate a few genres and applications such as singles/albums, instrumentals for radio/tv/film. To different myself from every other sound creator, I saw an open area for a more educational approach to using samples and loops.

At first, I thought to ignore the theory and get people to know about arrangement and mixing, but my professor gave a helpful nudge in the right direction and suggested I do focus on the theory since that's the main thing that new artists and producers are lacking. Even some established top-selling artists may not know the theory behind their craft. In my opinion, I think that's missed information that could help propel their songs and ideas into new places they couldn't access before.

There was an opportunity before me to pursue my want to already get into the sound loop and samples industry. I've literally been asked this in certain situations to send just loops for ideas in the sync licensing market.

So I drafted up the idea of releasing The Ultimate "How to Produce" Sound Pack. Aimed to help DIY artists as well as up-and-coming beatmakers, rappers, and singers big and small to take advantage of years of experience and knowledge that isn't offered in this form anywhere else. It will contain hundreds of sounds including drum and synthesizer one-shots and loops. I want to get the help of two guitarists who will play to the loops (God willing!) that I derive from the drummer so they not only have an example they can use royalty-free but each individual track with extra attention to detail when it comes to labeling and tags.

Another downside I have found in this market is the lack of knowledge from those who are currently taking advantage of those who don't know better. What I'm referring to is wrong key signatures, wrong time signatures, improper loop points, sounds that actually aren't originally their sounds, and more. I take pride in any audio/music projects I am a part of and I believe in labeling exactly what chords and even possible starting notes for bass, which often can be wrong if you don't know what you are doing or reading.

Let me help you and together we can collaborate on a scale like never before. Included will be helpful videos that will introduce you to multiple basic music theory concepts that I will show in real life on a piano/midi keyboard as well as DAWs like Fl Studio, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools. I aim to make the educational part of this light, informative, straight to the point but with a splash of humor. I absolutely love music and I think it should be a fun process that doesn't drone on with technical term after technical term. I think having some project files that reinforce certain lesson points will be super helpful as well and if all else fails and it's still confusing, which music theory is kind of crazy, feel free to reach out to me at any time here at Happy to answer any and all questions while I can!


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