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From Piano to Tech

Man, these last couple of weeks has been challenging taking what I know from experience and what I teach on a day-to-day basis in piano. A lot of what I teach is very valuable and could help educate not only the novice but even the uneducated professional.

I'm realizing that my audience for this product isn't necessarily all about true beginners. It's about the very well-established even being educated. I imagine I could have a pack simply more aimed at the music theory for those who know how to craft small heartfelt songs to big stadium status anthems! I'll safely go out on a limb and say any musician who understood more theory than not, probably feels at least more comfortable or more knowledgeable about their instrument.

So if you are a beatmaker, songwriter, DJ, a producer that does mostly produce by ear, have you caught yourself stuck not knowing where to take a song? Have you spent hours upon hours working on just a couple of sounds or just one beat? Do you wish to increase your efficiency and jot down ideas effectively?

Do you need a closer look at what's going on or help to figure out what chords you are playing or is this note right or not?

All of these were questions in my head, but what dispelled them the most was continuing to learn piano and music production time and time again. There eventually comes an AH HA! moment when you start recognizing patterns in all the music you listen to. So using your ears is half the battle! Now let me help you use your brain to learn how to work smarter, not harder!

'Cuz nobody got time for all that! :)


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