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From Mix to Master

As we wrap up this semester at Capital University, we are tasked with one final project. This last project is a 4 song EP that needs to be mastered so that volume balance is maintained across the whole EP, each track might have distinct characteristics on their own like timbre, however, EQ wise and compression wise I did my best to match the tonality and room space over all.

Oddly enough an instrumental I did before this class was pretty wide and full compared to some of the other songs I chose. So last but not least I did some stereo widening and that helped make both rock tracks wider. I also used Midside Matrix which was an awesome help to tame any frequencies/instruments directly that were overbearing. We also were tasked to experiment with the API Box that is in Studio F. I messed around about total time of 6 hours with it, testing it with the compression on different settings and routing EQ before compression or after. LUFS I thought were pretty complicated, but when comparing tracks back and forth for awhile now I feel more comfortable and had fun doing so.

Will upload my results once graded.


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