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Caught a snag! But we shall carry on!


Unfortunately due to the timing of the senior project that inspired "The Ultimate 'How to Produce' Sound Pack", I had to abandon adding some guitarists this round so instead that inspired me to start creating additional sound loops packaged into Logic Pro X project files. These files will eventually be labeled with more creativity but also listed with any relevant information to the tempo, the key signature, and the time signature if need be.

Also when I started chopping the files into individual sounds and loops, I noticed something funky with the drum fills and I don't mean a good kind of funky. Every track sounded like it was in super slow motion. So my first thought was, "Oh! Must be an internal clock issue" a.k.a. wrong sampling rate, but I then noticed the real issue. All files were 98k except these files were only 48k. Something must have happened when the drums were being exported, so I asked Greg to resend those drums, but I'm considering just doing one-shots and loops for this sound pack.

Links to some examples will be up by the end of the day!


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