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NYC Skyline BW
NYC Skyline BW

It's simple. We love music! We love teaching it, playing it, remixing it, covering it, creating it, tweaking it, you name it and we most likely do it! We honestly believe that experience combined with passion and raw talent are bound to come up with something dope! Bobby and Corey are two Columbus, Ohio natives born both captivated by music at a young age which honestly began with a lot of initial love and influence of the late great Michael Jackson.


Years later Corey would become the official tour guide of the Michael Jackson Tours for Westlake Studios and he has appeared on Good Morning America as a music correspondent. Meanwhile Bobby's consistent studying and training on piano since a young age, dabbling in FL Studio and other DAWs at the age of 12, both would later meet up like Pharrell and Hugo in Northland High School's marching band. There they would make a pact and eventually that pact turned into this company. 


We welcome you, new and emerging asks as well as established can feel excited about working with two individuals that take nothing more serious than their love of music!

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